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Can you trust who is installing your windshield? When you bring your vehicle to Astro Autoglass, our specialists – all NGA certified, will handle your windshield installation. They know that each windshield presents a unique set of challenges – from following OEM glass recommendations to choosing the right adhesive and applying it in the right amounts.

Weather conditions, humidity, even the cleanliness of the technician’s hands can mean the difference between a windshield that stays in place and one that pops out when you need it most. Your life can depend on our installation techniques, and we refuse to compromise our strict standards of safety. We’re proud to say that we install confidence with every quality windshield replacement and installation.

Installation Specialists - Our Astro Autoglass installation specialists, certified by the National Glass Association, are required to undergo continuing training updates through our Certification Program. Our Engineered Installation System provides safety and technical updates, best glass practice information and installation training materials for new vehicles. As Texas' top windshield experts, Astro Autoglass regularly consults with automobile manufacturers to make sure our installation specialists are aware of and comply with the latest window installation standards and techniques.

Vehicle Structure - Have you noticed how much more glass today’s cars use than those of 20 years ago? In fact, the windshield in a car may account for as much as 27% of its structural integrity and can help prevent the roof from collapsing during a rollover. Additionally, your car’s factory-installed glass is part of its crash management system and is designed to be used as a “backboard” to properly deploy the passenger side airbag.

A recent ABC 20/20 News segment documented the real-life risks associated with an improperly installed windshield. Astro Autoglass will make sure we live up to our reputation as one of the best windshield replacement and installation companies. The structure and safety of your vehicle is our number one concern.

Bonding Glass To Metal - Astro Autoglass uses only adhesives that meet or exceed the manufacturers' safety and structural integrity requirements. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) requires no less than 50% of the windshield perimeter remain intact in the event of a crash. 100% of the windshield perimeter remained intact during crash tests using adhesives as part of our Engineered Installation System. As a premier Texas glass installation and repair company, we have absolute confidence that our customer is safe when we release the car.

Safest Glass - At Astro Autoglass all replacement glass is DOT certified and meets all published Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for replacement glass. These High Penetration Resistant windshields (HPR) are designed to withstand impact while preserving the structural integrity of the vehicle, which may help to reduce crash injuries and fatalities.

Our highly touted windshield installation provides The Woodlands, Conroe, Houston and surrounding areas in Texas with a customer friendly glass replacement company unmatched in quality and service. Call us to schedule an appointment today at 832-928-2455!

Windshield Installation Product description: Windshield installations and replacmenet for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Mobile services so we come to you. Serving Houston, Tx and the surrounding areas.

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